Sunday, April 28, 2013


A few minor tweaks this week as I focus on getting the vision maps in MrVista. The first is fixing the "play-every-note" syndrome we've had going. In the first interpretation this wasn't obvious because anything outside the legal range of the instrument was just dropping out, so there was a natural filter - if a sloppy one. This was really obvious in last week's rendition, though.

To solve this I added in a simple gate: drop the note if the signal is in the bottom 10% of the range. As it turns out, this drops a *ton* of notes, especially in what Jim had characterized as the default mode network. It may be interesting to sometimes reverse the threshold based on where we are in the brain - if we want to pick up a lot of busy humdrum noise then we may want to kill everything in the top 30% of the range, etc.

Also solved the duration problem in the Java file thanks to Hongchan. At present it's just calling duration (128/(velocity+1)) so softer notes are held longer.

The Latest Result: using the same instruments as last time (flute: attention, violins: visual, cello: default mode network)

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